Encouragement · Grief

Vanilla or chocolate?

How many decisions do you make in a single day?  I checked Google and came up with a broad spectrum of answers:  One site said 35,000.  Another said 27.


It’s safe to say, it’s a lot!   We all know there are probabilities at play:  If you don’t pay down your credit cards in time, your interest rates will soar.  If you run in the rain you’ll get just as wet as if you walk.  If you eat junk you will feel like ‘junk.’  Few of the wrong decisions we make have long lasting ramifications, but when you go through something traumatic, it changes everything.  Decisions suddenly carry so much more weight.  “What ifs” and “Just supposes” impair judgement.


For years after we lost Ryan, we went over each decision leading up to the accident wondering what choices we could had made differently.  Well meaning friends suggested ways we could prevent lightning from striking twice in our lives.  With no disrespect to the Astrological chart, crystal gazers and fortune tellers, I would not choose to govern my life accordingly.


Regardless of how much planning goes into our lives, accidents happen.   We will never get over our loss.  But the story we wish to share is about our recovery.   And true recovery is never weighed down by superstition.

If you have gone through a tragedy, you know, it takes time to trust your decisions again.  Face this fact: indecision is also a decision.  Forgive yourself for what you ‘might have done’ and realize that if given the same set of circumstances, you probably would have done the same thing.  We all have the best intentions when it comes to those we love.

The only way out of pain is through it.  Move forward.  Never rush.  Remember, Jesus prayed the Lord’s Prayer, asking His Father for the gift of grace and blessings one day at a time.  It’s a Daily Bread-thing.


Live the life God has given you.  Find new adventures with your family. And the ones He has lent you will follow your example.

Got to go work on the script.  Talk soon!


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