Dawn Raymond Hirn has been an International lingerie model, a TV actress, a Playboy bunny, and a TV commercial Writer/Producer. She co-founded an International jewelry company and has died twice. She is a triathlete and a passionate World traveler, who has backpacked Europe, VW camper’d, for a year, with her husband, and recently took her 4 young boys around-the-world: 32 countries for six months. When her 7-year-old son, Ryan, was killed in a fiery death,  she came away with 27% of her body burned and 100% of her heart broken. When she finally recovered, she woke up to a new mission in her life: to inspire others lost in hopelessness. This is the center of her new book, and soon to be movie, “Still on Fire.” After her tragedy, she stripped her life of everything that was not her mission, she sold her business, homeschooled her boys for 6 years, devoted her energy to Ryan’s Burn Foundation, and took her boys deep into the world.  Dawn is originally from a small island in Georgia and is proud of her southern small-town roots that helped ground her.

Dawn shares her stories about; Mothering, Losing a child, Infertility, Traveling with kids, and her Faith.

Your life is represented by a dash, from the day you were born to the day you die.  Make your ‘dash’ an AWE!  Choose Adventure With Engagement.  I’m so glad we did!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I /we think of you two often. Your world travels especially intrigue me. A once-a-year card/note is not enough contact to satisfy my curiosity about your travels and current life. Any chance of a phone call or two – or skype?
    I wonder if you will even read this. I am standing with wet feet in the shallows of the vast ocean of the WWW and have no confidence in it. But with hope, Don.


    1. Dr.Fritz, how I miss your humor. I’m just getting the hang of this ‘blogging’ thing so this response is a bit delayed but no less appreciated. Please continue to read them and feel free to correct any punctuation or grammar, Professor. We will talk…


    1. Hey Petra, We have settled into a school system now(6 yrs of homeschooling did us ALL in) and are planning our Xmas family trip to Macchu. Life must go on even though my heart is broken. We are in the process of making a feature Film called Our Backpack. Thank you for asking. http://www.ourbackpack.com


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