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My pillow

When we left the good old  US of A for our family ‘round-the-world-adventure,’ there were certain things I just couldn’t leave behind. I know – you’re thinking i-Phone,  and you are probably right, although that wasn’t the first thing on my mind. i-Phones don’t work everywhere.  But I knew two things that were the most important to me:

My pillow.  My favorite coffee mug.

Our relationship is one-sided.  My pillow doesn’t need me. And despite television ads, neither does my coffee cup.   But I need both of them.   Adults don’t walk around with security blankets, (Mr. Fluffster, Lambie, Cuddles – whatever you called them).  The astute adult sees beyond the situation, not particularly caring what people think about their ‘necessities.’

We bit off a lot when we decided to travel more than 30 countries for six months with our family, and we were focused upon ‘traveling light’ – that meant one ‘carry on’ per person, and of course the big family pack containing meds, school supplies, books, paper, and lots of ‘etcetera.’


Each of us had at least one ‘must bring.’  For me, it was my feather pillow.  And my favorite coffee mug.

There would be nights on thin blankets on floors, speed-sleeping in trains and buses, but I always knew that my pillow would be there for me. And when I woke up I could count on something warm or semi-cool in my coffee mug.


Before you leave home, own up to your ‘security blanket.”  Whatever it is – and it must be legal — Grab it.   And your passport.  And head out.

Find your Adventure With Engagement.

Talk soon!


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