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Show and Tell

If I’m an authority on anything, it’s me. And what’s taught me more of myself than anything are my scars.

Dawn, the ultimate recycler!

It’s a funny thing about scars, especially physical scars, and I have plenty. My instinct is to want to hide them. I’m bombarded with commercials that tell us that a life without scars is possible. It’s a lie.

Everybody has scars.

Whether they’re physical or psychological. Early in our lives, we’re taught how to hide our imperfections(thank God for Clearasil). Which is strange because one of the few things that we all share in common is imperfection. In other words, in our scars.

I’m going out on a limb here to show you my legs, my scars from the fire that took my 7-year-olds life and burned over 25% of our other son, 2-year-old, Tyler, and my husband and me. What I’m showing you are the scars that I carried away from this tragedy.

My Scars

I guess what I’m thinking is that if I show you mine, you might show me yours. Will you?



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4 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Always!

    The person I am today, is my collection of yesterdays.

    The person I hope to be tomorrow depends on what I do with my today.


  2. My timepiece is an hour glass. When I was born, the glass was full of those little seconds, and then those little seconds started going through the bottom of the glass, one little second at a time. I can’t pick up the hour glass and turn it upside down and start the seconds again like the clock does every time it strikes 12 o’clock, mesmerizing us to think that we can have that 24 hours over. No, once the second goes through the hour glass, it is gone. Did I live during that second? I try my very best, but those scars; I let them get in the way sometimes. But when you meet the Dawns of the world you realize that scars come with living, both the visible ones and the invisible ones.


    1. Marion, thank you for your response. After reading this, I recognize 2 things about you; you listen and you are wise. I’m so glad that we ran into each other.


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