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Russian Red Tape

Dear Dawn, we’ve always wanted to go to Russia, but were told there were a lot of hoops to jump through.  Did Ron find this to be true when he booked you on the world trip?

Dear Hoops, Yes.  And we should all be thankful our countries care about our safety!   Most governments have tightened up independent foreign travel requirements.  Your best friend is the  US State Department and your US Passport – but you cannot get in or out of Russia without a visa as well.

Tourist visas are valid up to 30 days, so you should keep on schedule.  (You can enter and exit anytime during those dates).  Again this is an issue of doing your homework before you go.  Ron was our travel-booking Guru, but he let each of us be a part of the road we chose.  Is it worth the trouble?  DA!!

Tyler,  Alexander Garden, St. Petersburg

gang russia.JPG

Beautiful Moscow.  And how do you get there?   Follow the yellow brick road..jpgGet your Passport, schedule your trip with your family, apply for your Visas and then just follow the Yellow Brick Road!

BP Red Square.jpg

Love to you and Russia,

Dawn, the family and Our BackPack!

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