Galoshes on the other foot!

One more word on Russia:  If you are a Russian planning to take a trip to America, you have just as much – maybe more to consider.  For just a second, put the Galoshes on the other foot!

Getting a tourist visa here is neither easy nor cheap.  As you know security has been tightened (and I say thankfully so).    My opinion is that all foreign visitation should be done ‘legally’, or not at all!  (There are really no stages to the word legal.  It’s like pregnant:  you are or you are not!)

 Once the Russian citizen plans a trip, these are the warnings they get about The Dangers of America:

1.Don’t flirt. US etiquette prohibits flirting with a woman who is not your girlfriend or wife.  Never look at her legs.  (Where is that written?)

2.Don’t get straight to the point when talking to an American.  Instead of       saying “You are wrong!”, say “I’m not sure I agree with that.”  (oooo, husbands could learn from Russians how well this works)

3.Don’t be freaked out when Americans put their feet up on stuff.  (AKA “we’re slobs?”)

4. Americans are taught from a young age that they’re awesome.  You must deal with this.  (. . . whatever!)

5. (My favorite!) Almost everywhere (in America) there are hidden cameras.  Everywhere!  Don’t smoke, don’t take up two parking spaces and make sure plastic, glass and paper disposables go in the right places.parking Russ.

  *According to

Sometimes it takes wearing somebody else’s galoshes to realize how blessed and entitled Americans really are!

Get started planning your trip to Russia today!

Dawn, co-leader of the Hirn Tribe!

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