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The Big Game

No.  I’m not talking about NC’s win over Gonzaga in last night’s NCAA Championship, nor the Patriots’ Super Bowl Win, nor the Cubs’ World Series Win, nor Trenton’s latest achievement on the Soccer field.

I’m talking about South Africa’s win as one of the safest countries to spot The Big Five Big Game!  You know: African Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, African Leopard, and Rhinoceros  (oh my)!

These guys made the list as “the most dangerous and difficult to hunt.”  Out of the top five, we saw four!  What a tremendous experience!

Safari Guides are the way to go, because they know things!    African bush elephants are able to hide in tall grass despite their size, and black and white Rhinos are on the endangered species list, so they are also difficult to spot.  And you may have to wait around all day to spot the African Lion.   It’s never smart to head off in your own direction or you may find yourself in a mess.  Cheetahs and Leopards look  similar.  But Cheetah’s have spots and Leopards have rosettes, and by the time you get close enough to determine which is which, you may find a sudden end to your safari.  And life!   Best to trust your guide on this one because up close and personal is not where you want to determine spot-shape!  Of all these dangerous animals, the Cape Buffalo is responsible for most big game hunters’ deaths.  Wounded or not – they attack often by ambush.

We weren’t able to see the Leopard, but four out of five isn’t bad.    And we felt our experience with Cheetahs out-shined a single glimpse of a Leopard.

Cheetah and boysYou can sit back in your comfy chair at home,  tune into the Animal Planet, Nat Geo or the Smithsonian Channel and share the photographer’s experience in viewing.  But we think you should head for South Africa and tell your own story.  Memories get better every year!


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