Family travel


Kremlin/St. Basils St.Petersburg

Russia!  The very thought of you . . . . .

Before trip jitters. . .





We wrestled with each of these Russian preconceptions.   Did our homework.  Studied. Practiced our Previets and Spasibas.  But you never really know the people in a country until you spend time with them.  And here are some of our take-aways:

Cold – Of course it’s cold!  Check out the map.  Did you hear the one about the little Russian boy who was afraid to come to America because he heard the temperature occasionally reached 107-degrees Fahrenheit?  Another child countered:  “When I visited America it was -16 degrees Fahrenheit!”  Locations?  Phoenix, Arizona in the summer and Fargo, ND in winter.  Russia has her extremes as well!  Check your locations!  Dress appropriately!

Scary kids
Russian children welcome Colton to school!

Unfriendly – Russians in general have a wonderful sense of humor and warmth,  but they are protective of this treasure and share it with those they consider friends.

Ty Stocks Russ
Russian teen time-out.  (Just kidding!)

Dangerous – Einstein said:  You have to learn the rules of the game and then learn to play better than anyone else.”  That is true when you visit any city anywhere!   The feared KGB is still around to enforce laws, with a friendlier name:  The FSB.  This  Federal Securities Bureau keeps the law. Carry your passport with you wherever you go when you travel though, or you may be facing some healthy fines!

Tr. mysterious
Trenton loves mysteries!

Mysterious – Of course Russia is mysterious!  Revolutions, regimes, from Tzars to Comrades, Russia has a lot of history and stories to tell.  You can read about it, or experience it for yourself.

Our suggestion?   GO see for yourself!


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