not the enemy

When you travel through our country meeting other Americans, you pretty much know what you’re going to get.   Unless you have just walked through one of the most vicious presidential elections in history.  Then, it’s all about smiles and nods and holding your tongue.

Because everyone was convinced that unless their candidate won, life as they lived it would be gone forever. Voters turned out in droves.  That is a good thing!    After every election storm comes the sun, to dry things up.   And the sun that does wonderful things can also do damage.

Those who stand in the glory of the sun for too long holding on to their party banner of “nana nana boo boo, I won and you didn’t,” will eventually get burned.   Those who feel defeated put up defensive shelter turning the best conversation into a heated argument or attack:  A simple question – “How are you doing?” could in their mind have hidden meaning: “Are you REALLY saying, since I lost the election, how bad do I feel?” or  “I don’t really care how you are feeling because I feel fabulous?”

When our kids were interviewed about our world trip, eight-year old Colton told the interviewer, “You know, I thought we would be in some trouble when we went to China; turns out I was wrong.”  Colton charmed his way through the communistic country, as he interacted with her people.  And we all won.

The Bible says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mark 3:25)

Thanksgiving is on our very near future and we should all not only be grateful for living in the land of the free and being part of the home of the brave but we need to learn to suck it up and/or quit gloating.  It’s a matter of humility and greater purpose — all for one and one for all.   You will understand that even better once you and your family get the travel bug, and broaden your own scopes and widen your territory.

Listen, comfort and respect each other no matter what platform you choose.   Just because they have a different opinion than you, doesn’t make them the enemy.


Great weekend!


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