Mom Power!

One week ago, America ended the most vicious election in American History.  (I think.  I’ve only been around for fourteen and actually remember eight.)

And the heat goes on.  Some of us are pleased; some are confused, some scared and others are violently upset.  We are all blessed with freedom of speech and expression.  But before you go off half-cocked on some wild rant, do a ‘mommy-check’ in the mirror.  Your kids are watching!   Show yourself your ‘happy face.’  Then, practice your ‘sad-face,’ your ‘angry-face’ and your ‘ugly face.’    These are your tools for behavior and, believe me, you will use all of them.    And as a mom I know, they will come back to haunt or bless you.

Your kids are watching when you cheer people who burn American flags or blonde heads in effigy or deface property with hateful slurs.   Many have become so angry they aren’t governing their ‘vent.’    But as a mom you must remember the things you do and say in wake of a win or a loss often follow you around long after the dust has settled.

My kids still pull out things I have said in moments of rage, disappointment, or frustration and they find the most inopportune time to repeat them to me.  (Why is it when my kids repeat the things I have said, they sound more horrid pouring from their mouths than they did from mine?)

It’s time to rethink this thing.  Regardless of which side of the ballot you voted, remember your friends and neighbors on the other side of the ballot.   Your kids are watching your performance.  Mom power is leading by example and  most perfectly shown during times of victory or defeat.   Moms lead by example:  If we kick a guy when he’s down, your kids will no doubt do the same sort of kicking.  If we gloat in victory, don’t expect your kids to show humility when they win. If we spit on the American voting process or scream ‘death to the winner,’ we can expect our kids to follow or at least remind us how we behaved . . . when we least expect it.

And above all, pray for our leaders.  There is only one person who walked the earth in perfection.   And their name wasn’t Hillary, or Donald, or Dawn, or _______________.

Be kind to each other!


keep calm.png

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