feelin the love

Is ‘happy Voting Day’ an oxymoron?  How about ‘feelin’ the love in LA’?  (and no this is not some soft-porn blog.)

Sometimes you just have to go where you don’t feel you belong, and stand up for something you do feel belongs regardless of the ridicule.  I was intent on coming out to Hollywood to show the television series I had put together, confident that “Our BackPack” would soften hearts and be  a home run in the family-viewing stadium of entertainment.  But frankly, this chick from Alabama had to put on her defensive garb to deflect the barbs that would come from the hard-edged agents, producers, distributers and lawyers.  It took more than ‘grits’ to get out here.  Beside the obvious cost factor ($75 for four salads, $4 bottled water), I had to consider those seasoned hard-asses who would also be pitching their ‘babies’ to networks and lawyers.

Apologies to those who presented their authentic heart-wrapped  ‘babies,’  when I tell you about the guy who gave his movie pitch to an panel of critics (think Shark Tank) in front of an audience of 650:  “My film is about a group of cannibal Texans who were capturing those who escaped to America — cooking and selling them as fast food.  It’s a way to deal with illegal imigration,” he said.   So much for Tex-Mex – these guys  were serving authentic Mexican! 

But amidst the film pitch deliveries were a few really good films of drama, heart and comedy that would make for good entertainment.

To say Our BackPack, the television series, has been overall ‘embraced’ here,  would be an understatement.  I have been hugged, patted, encouraged and inspired to go forward with my vision – a program for television network, streaming or video-on-demand -that would show our adventure to  a world of cynics who believe marriage and family is on the way out.  There still remains a heart for good family fare.

Regardless of what happens, we love and defend our families – close and extended, fractured and diminished.  There are no clear guidelines, despite the weak attempt to classify viewing with G, PG, PG-13, R or M ratings.  It’s difficult to be accountable for what our families take in.  But we can stand up and make a statement as to our beliefs.  I have taken my stand for family value here at the American Film Market in Hollywood.  And I have taken my stand by casting my vote.  It all boils down to values.  And I’m not casting my vote for somebody who thinks ‘treason doesn’t apply to them personally.”  Nor will I offer my treasure to someone who promotes classless entertainment.   “Yuk” to both.

I’m so proud of our show, but it takes a strong woman to stand against the odds.  Somebody said it better “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Another note:  Never eat a burger on the Tex-Mex border.

mex burger.jpeg


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