Hi ho, hi ho. . . . .

it’s off to LA I go!    Happy, peppy, perky little song doesn’t quite match my mood; I’m going to war and will be standing on the front lines at the American Film Market in Hollywood this week.  Studios, producers, distributors — take your best shot!

When we came up with the idea of a family world trip, we thought of every reason imaginable why we shouldn’t leave home. Keeping your kids safe is always on a parent’s mind, especially after one has been taken away.  But Ron and I wanted our sons to learn to live courageously.  And courage starts with us.  Life is tough — horrid sometimes — but in order to get through it, you have to JUST DO IT!

I will never regret the money we spent on this experience, six-months of 24/7 time with my family, in a love ‘em, hate ‘em, but don’t leave ‘em-atmosphere.  Hiring a cameraman to capture the good, bad and ugly of Hirn life was a huge expense.  But what we have put together is a slice of life – real, real life –  a family rising from loss, facing joys and sorrows, boredom and anxiety as a unit.

I’m going to LA to try to sell the idea on behalf of those who believe the American foundation falls more closely in line with Family Values than blood and guts.  Not that I am too sensitive for blood and guts:  As a mother of boys–I’ve seen most all of it.   But we could surely use programming that draws a family into a room for one hour at a time, without dummying down to parents or having to cover eyes of younger ones, or explain why two men would be kissing each other.  Political correctness is not a battle I choose to win.

My hope is the show will inspire those who have gone through losses in their lives, who are struggling to keep marriages together, who wish they had more time with their kids before it’s too late, and those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone.  Laugh at us, laugh with us – we don’t care.  Learn from us and develop a desire to spend more time with your family – we do care.  And so should Hollywood.

“Cover me,  I’m goin’ in”!



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