What lies beneath!

“What do Scottish men wear under their kilts?”  I don’t have the answer and I’ve never ever been tempted to peek.   But I did find myself curious as to  why Colton was so insistent I find him the “fat suit’ costume for Halloween yesterday.

We have moved several times in the past few years, and I find it’s hard to track my own stuff, much less the stuff that belongs to my husband and three sons.  I find myself laying awake at night seeing the ‘lost thing’ in the perfect place I put it only to realize that I don’t live in that place anymore. If you’re a mom, you know that everything that belongs to your kids only belongs to you when it’s lost.  Then it’s your fault it’s gone.   As mothers, our reputations depend upon keeping up with their things.

My reputation with my kids has never affected my performance.  But I wanted to find that ‘fat suit’ for Colton, so I could be the Halloween Hero. FatColt.jpgAnd I finally did.  I should have expected something fishy when I saw him  — the serious, sober Colton – staring at the camera from under the fat suit.

Wasn’t till he got home last night that I figured the whole thing out!

Candy Colt.JPGHope you had a happy, safe Halloween!


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