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Bug bites

One of the most difficult thing about bug bites, is you ever get to actually identify the little sucker that took a nip out of you.  Unless of course you were completely aware of the time and place he got into your skin.  Few of us ever are that lucky.

A bug burrowed under my skin, or bit me – I don’t know.  But I do know this:  ever since Ron and I went away together to the mountains last weekend, I have had the itch to plan another family adventure.  The travel bug strikes again.

travel bug.jpeg

No amount of money —  no lottery, homestead exemption, tax refund or bonus can buy AWE.  You can get the Adventure part down, but unless you find a way to add in With Engagement, you end up with your version of the story and somebody laughing at you, not with you.  Take somebody who can validate your insanity.

We want to take advantage of our kids’ company as long as they will let us.  (Or have regrets for not spending enough time with one’s lost too soon.)  Sure, I look back on our world trip with them, every minute of every day for over six months, as pure joy, when one son punches a hole in my bubble to remind me:  “Mom, you said: ‘ I will never ever do this again’.”   You reflect:  I said a lot of nasty things when I was in labor too, but forgot them once I held my child. 

Once your kids are grown, all the ‘shoulda-woulda-couldas  won’t bring back a single opportunity with your young kids.   Take advantage of the travel bug bite now.  Begin planning for your next family adventure.  Go big – to lands where they don’t speak your language.  Even if it’s into untraveled parts of North America, mosey out West.  Take a ‘cah’ to New England.  Ya’ll come down south.  Or take a sweet ride to California, dude.

Start planning,  saving and setting goals now.    Nothing may ever be as satisfying as itchin’ that family travel bug bite.

Have an AWEsome weekend!


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