Just a peek . . .

For the past three years, I have begged you to take a family trip.  Don’t you hate people that find something wonderful in their life and dog you until you do it?  Unless you are in the ‘planning stages of an adventure,’ I have failed.  So I’m trying a new tactic called “Just a Peak.”

Worse case is that you build your trivia knowledge without the total IQ putdown of Alex Trebek of Jeopardy. But best case is you will be tempted to go see for yourself.

We share so many funky photos with our Facebook friends, this blog will give you a little more background about our adventures which could potentially one day be your own adventures.

Boys in Angkor Watt.jpgWhat looks like a Cambodian Root Canal is actually the lost temple complex of Angkor Wat. How long was it lost?  Who took it??  How was it found?   Round trip tickets start at $670, but don’t book yet because there is so much more on the way.    But it doesn’t cost a thing to start planning next year’s trip with your family.

Talk Friday!


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