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Ah, I remember the days when Ron and I went off for a romantic “get-away” – just the two of us — booked at some fabulous five-star restaurant where they serve you ‘art’ instead of ‘food’.   You giggle at each other wondering who is going to be first to topple the triple layer salad with strange skinny breadsticks sticking out each side, topped with an origami-like vegetable-thingy.

Those were the days.  But these are the better days.

wine cheese.jpg This past weekend, we selected our romantic get-away for the Great Smoky Mountains and Clingman’s Dome.  And we had a ‘blast in the Pass” as we hiked up to the top of the Dome.   We went off path making our own way because that’s what we do, and at the end, set our own five-star table in the grass.

“AWE,” you say.  “I wish we could do that.”  Thing is, you can. Just take your schedule and a little carving tool, and scratch out some time.  A couple of days is a great romance-refresher and a nice break from running to this event and that event, and a picnic in the grass beats the socks off a bucket of KFC to go.

Ron and I don’t consider this selfish; we believe it’s essential for every married couple to step back and look at the ‘art of family’ they have created from a distance.  There is plenty of AWE to be found  in the Smokey Mountains.  Course, it  might have been the wine and cheese or maybe it was Mother Nature, in general. But I think it was more just having each other to ourselves.

Just do it!  (Oh, I guess that’s been used already.)  How about Find Ur AWE?

dawn and ron.png


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