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Advertisers coined the word:  ‘slogan.’  But I believe every family needs one. In my world,  we all share the same dream, one or two status cars, designer-titled jobs, at least one super-fancy roof over our head, and kids known by their grades, sports ability or talents.   None of this calls attention to the direction we are going.   We need a slogan.

A slogan is different than a nickname;  it’s a motivator, a call to action, a direction, an intent.  Nobody else can give you a slogan.  Those of you who have been hurt by birth or life should always remember this! It’s never about looks or circumstances.  it’s about intention.

Before kids, Ron and I loved to travel and we weren’t willing to save those words for job applications in the place marked:  Hobbies.    We agreed- you can never truly tell people you love about doing something unless you actually do It!  A slogan should be a motivator or a call to action or accountability.  We chose AWE – Adventure With Engagement.

Early in our relationship, Ron and I bought a junky old VW camper in Germany, and set out  for a year of adventure to see places we had never seen and to meet the people in the world!    We were working the AWE, but we knew it would be even better when we added our first sons Ryan and Tyler, and eventually Trenton and Colton to the adventure.    When we lost Ryan, we shelved our dream for awhile.  But true dreams can never be completely retired.  We realized that an adventure is most grand when it includes strangers whose background and life-stories were different than ours.  We heal by sharing each other’s stories of surviving life’s hard knocks.

AWE is the recipe for our family cake.  Each one of us brings a different element to the mixing bowl.  Sometimes the heat of the oven is intense, but we know it will all turn out well.  The frosting on that cake is composed of the hours and days we spend with each other.

Your family cake may be perfectly baked, beautifully frosted and have a flawless presentation.    But unless you reach out an include new places and new people, you may never experience the joy of ‘sprinkles.’

Find a slogan.  And before you adopt it, think long and hard!images.jpeg


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