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The Party’s Over

“So,  what did you do this summer?”   How many times have you answered this question in the past two weeks? Yes,  the summer of 2016 is a thing-of-the-past, never to be repeated.  You made some great memories, but it’s time to begin planning again!  If you think it’s too early, ask yourself:  “Am I looking out the windshield of adventure or the rearview mirror?”


You’ve got another vacation coming up in a little less than a year.  And beginning to plan for it now is not a moment too soon.

“We parents have but a handful of chances to create meaningful vacation memories for our kids, thanks to our crazy schedules and the ever-narrowing window when our kids will actually want to travel with us.”  Money, March 2016, Jonathan Adolph

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, PLAN!  Get everyone involved.    Chances are better for you if you induct your entire family into vacation planning.  There are no bad ideas. Don’t put down anybody’s suggestion, but instead weigh the pros and cons of each family member’s choice.   Investigate!   Percolate excitement by showing photos, videos, whatever you can find to stimulate interest.    You should know by now there is no such thing as looking ‘too far into the future.’

It cost how much?   If you are choking on that thought, you’ve started looking in the wrong places.  Check out “shoulder season.”  This is travel jargon for “deep discounts in off-seasons rates.”  Choose quality days over quantity.  A four-day family adventure off-season often beats seven-days of beach chaos and clutter in-season.  The Norwegians say: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!”  Think ahead.   Plan.  Check out special savings on GroupOn and Living Social, and sign up for email notifications from Kayak, Airfarewatchdog.com and TravelZoo.

Start saving.  Again, it’s never too early.  Mark a big jar Vacation Fund 2017 and ‘filler up!”  Build drama and anticipation!  Praise family participation, sacrifices and contributions.

Let’s talk Friday about “How to Cut Corners.”  I’ve got some great ideas!


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