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Square One

Young kids gather around mom waiting for an elevator to take them fifteen floors down to the snack shop.  Ding!  Elevator opens, a kid rushes in. Doors close and mom realizes the arrow pointed UP.  What now? Mom remembers telling them:  “If we ever get separated always push LOBBY. Square One.  If there’s no LOBBY, push 1.

Often it is good to get back to Square One, in your life and especially in your marriage.  A crisis comes into each life and relationship sooner or later. The ‘easy way’ leads out.  But the hard way has a bigger payoff.  If you are wise, you gather up the fractured pieces and go back to the Square One, where things were fresh and more stable.   This is actually easier to do with kids than it is with partners.  But self-protection is rarely an aspect of a partnership.  Moms and dads are the hub of the family wheel.  And if the spokes don’t have a point of reference from the outer wheel to the inner hub – well, at best you’ve got wobble; and at worst, you’ve got collapse. The YouTube Video

shows the NASA final check before launching the Endeavor in 2009.  Fabulous really!  And next time you feel strain in your family, take a minute to check out each system involved.  Make sure there are ‘no constraints and you are ready to launch.’  And if there are problems in your family and especially between mom and dad, address them personally before you head off in the wild blue yonder!

Repair your ship by going back to  Square One.   Ready, Set, Launch, AWE!

Dawnsquare one.jpg

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