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Cuttin’ back

People don’t like the idea of cuttin’ back.  We’re Americans.  We’re spenders!  If you gather the family together and tell them you are about to start a new program which would require everyone to spend less money and save more, you would definitely hear some disheartening groans.

But if you plop a nice family goal down on the table, attitudes quickly can change:

“Ok kids, here’s the scoop.  If we cut back on Pizza Delivery, Apps and other technology, movies, fast food, and eating out in general, we will be able to afford (get ready for your beefed up presentation)   . . . . . eight nights and seven days in glorious Dubai!”  Here’s where you slip in the posters of million dollar automobiles.  Then hold up a photo of Ski Dubai at the Mall of Emirates featuring a 60 metre high indoor mountain slope, and a 400-metre long ski run.  Hold up the next photo of the Dubai Autodrome  Go-cart Track, and simply ask: “Are you up for this?  How about a floating restaurant, or Wild Wadi Water Theme Park, one of the most advanced water parks in the world, or the beaches, the desert safaris and scuba diving, zoos . . . . .”

Now, readdress the corner-cutting ideas: Crank out the concept of Family Movie Night, featuring Hulu or Netflix, catered by your favorite frozen pizza.

Game night also works here and popcorn is a cheap stretch.  Mom’s and dads, invest in a good Yeti cup, and perk your own brew.  Ditch the plastic water bottles by filling up your Tervis, and buy snacks in bulk.  Costco is a good friend.

Cutting back almost always requires extra work. Consider the family dinner: You can have an excellent family dinner at a restaurant, but it won’t be cheap.  You can have a fast family dinner at a drive-thru and it may be cheap, but it won’t be excellent.  Or you can take your time, planning and preparing and cook your family dinner.  You will make it excellent and economical, but it won’t be fast.    Your choice:  a little extra time preparing dinner each night and Dubai 2017?   Or eating your way through your funds, leaving you with a ‘stay-cation’?  Just askin’.

cuttin corners.jpeg

Talk soon!  Dawn

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