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We’re in the news!

Yesterday, Alabama’s WSFA’s Judd Davis did a story about our family, what we had endured and how we handled it.  Check it out:

When we began putting together the pilot for television, Netflix, and Cable TV viewing, we found our story had so many layers:

Overcoming Grief: We had suffered a horrible loss.  As a family, we had worked through the loss and tried to turn it to good, to honor our first born. Each day was painful.  The fire that did such damage to our bodies, did worse damage to our minds as we remembered Ryan.

Promoting Travel: When running away (impossible to do, of course, with three little boys) seemed like the only way out, we ran as a group.  After a tragedy, communication is essential – it’s not easy!   We went ‘hardcore’ into a family relationship situation – traveling together in strange lands with our three boys (and of course Ryan’s little blue backpack) to more than thirty countries, for over six months, and if it is at all possible, we spent what seemed like more than 24 hours a day, more than 7 days a week together!

We were putting our story together to encourage other families to travel but also to show them how much we had gained as a family by our experiences.   This adventure  went way beyond travel.   When it felt more like work than a vacation, we mentally regrouped about our ‘purpose.’ Ultimately, we knew that we wouldn’t have given anything for the memories we made with those we loved most.

Our children are lent to us for just a breath of time.  Don’t let a day go by without talking to them.  Show interest in their lives now!   If you suffer the loss of a child,  spouse, relative or friend, you must work hard not to isolate yourself from those who love you.  There is joy in the world, but you have to look for it.   Live your life for the sake of the one whose life was taken.  

No matter how hard you try to you cannot constantly protect your child.  Trying to do so will make all of you nuts! Let your child discover life, adventure and mystery.   Better still, join them.

Have a great weekend.

Talk Tuesday!

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