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Team Hirn!

So many have asked me about the difficulty of traveling with family?  They aren’t referring to ‘assigned seating’ but liken it to being herded into a cattle truck.  From some of the videos we posted on Facebook, it’s easy to see there were times where ‘togetherness’ was — well,  over-rated.

Like everything in life, it all depends on your attitude.   Struggling for “me-time” while you are on a family travel adventure is a sure recipe for catastrophe.  We each went through times when we felt like putting each other feet first down  in the old ‘whack-a-mole’ game.

Here’s how we handled it:

We are Team Hirn.  Our team members have a variety of strengths and talents:  We have one leader, (Ron), one motivator and organizer (guess who?), and each of the other team members share the qualities of comedian, entertainer, diplomat, peacemaker, encourager, student optimist, and instigator.

We are Team Hirn.  We have opinions.  We have emotions.  We have arguments.  We have blow-ups.  We have meltdowns.  But in the end, we are each other’s best allies.  We rely on each other when we cannot rely on ourselves.  We pick up each other’s slack.  And when one of us is under attack we have at least four others who are putting on their boxing gloves.

We are Team Hirn.  We started this plan to travel as a family and were determined to see it through.  Team Hirn! The unit is greater than the individual.  But we celebrate the unique qualities of each team member.   The trip together is far greater than the trip alone.

One day you will be sitting on a porch, rocking in a chair thinking of old friends whose names you can no longer remember.  On that day, you will be complaining about too much ‘me-time’!   Hang onto that for later.

Today it’s time to make memories with your family.   Celebrate the insanity!

Talk Friday!


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