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Hidden Treasure

When you think of bonding with your family, does it put a knot in your gut? Your husband (or wife) will always be busy. The kids can think of about 250 better things to do than to hang out with their brothers or sisters. If you announce your ‘family time’ plan before you have a plan, you are in for some attitude.

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You want an Adventure With Engagement. But what is your plan?

When we announced our plans for a seven-month trip, the boys probably first thought we had lost our minds. Then of course, came denial. During the planning process, they began to show more interest. Of course, it was an ebb and flow, one day studying the countries we would visit with enthusiasm, the next, being hit with reality; they would be away from their friends and comfort blanket of electronics for a good seven months. And we got a lot of attitude.


You don’t have to jump right into a world trip, like we did, but unless you take a step toward AWE, you will stay stuck no matter where you go, no matter how long you are gone. There are so many things to do that will drum up AWE in your family:

-At the beach, (or near a stream, lake or river) rent a salt-water metal detector and at low tide push your way onto the shoreline. There is nothing quite as exciting as hearing the sound the detector makes when you find a treasure. No matter how small, it is an adventure you will never forget.

-After a day of treasure hunting, take your family to the beach Souvenir Shops and plunk down a few bucks on some oversized conch shells and other larger shells. I know – it’s not something I would regularly do either. But I know a lady who wakes up before daybreak and “seeds the beach” with these shells.   She gets her cup of coffee and her lounge chair and sits back to watch complete strangers find treasures.

AWE. Adventure with Engagement. Make it part of your family life.

It is where you will find real Hidden Treasure.

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