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Got ur Passport?

Only one-third of Americans have passports, while over three-fourths of those living in Australia,  New Zealand  and England hold passports.  Why?

Are Americans more allegiant or just lazy?  Maybe we have everything we need at our fingertips: “from the mountains, the prairies,  the oceans white with foam.”   Travel abroad is an adventure, and adventure is often a challenge.   But we deceive ourselves into thinking a vacation means rest.  Can’t fault us — we work hard!  Problem is, few of us ‘workaholics’ actually quit working on a vacation.   Staring at the beach or a mountaintop,  a valley, or off the deck of a cruise ship is great for a day or two.  Then we slip back into the world of computer work flow.    Our families are once again ‘back-burnered’ while we do this one last thing.   Engagement is a huge part of any adventure, and in order to engage, you have to include new people and new viewpoints.  The adventure lives on and on.  Each opportunity you have to come together with your family, re-tell these stories.  You will have another opportunity to see the experience you remember from their eyes.  It’s bonding!  It’s AWE-some!

If you don’t have a passport, get one.  You have a solid bond to a country that has been designed with the sole purpose of offering the “pursuit of happiness” to her people.  How many other countries do that?  Keep your Passport updated and you will be ready to take part in a world adventure,  in minutes!

Push the years ahead in your mind and look backward from your Assisted Living Center.  Will the stories you share be limited to a five-hundred mile radius?

Choose the unknown.  Choose AWE!

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