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I’ve often wondered why people spend such big bucks on weddings.

Is it all for the bride and if so, does anybody think how the money could help the couple get started? Somebody told me the wedding ceremony and celebration have to do with remembering your life “from this point forward.”

The path usually begins as a couple finds their niche whether travel or staying home, furthering their education or their industry. Add a house and kids to the pot and the dynamic changes. Hopefully, not profoundly.

A crisis comes into each life and marriage sooner or later. But you go back to the “point” where things weren’t so terrible. The tragedy of losing our child, Ryan, ended our fairy tale. This became our “from this point forward.”

In agony, we hovered over what remained.  But the steps in this direction were foreign to Ron and I who had loved the adventure of travel. Do you treasure the moments you spend with your family – your husband or wife, each child; is it a step in the right direction?

It’s all about ‘bonding’ and bonding cannot be accomplished unless the things to be bonded get close enough to each other for the cement to hold.   Kids aren’t gonna love you more because you buy them stuff.

And life only gets temporarily easier when they are off doing their own thing. No family memories built in that room.

When you choose to take a step into the unknown together, you’re making new memories.   You owe it to yourselves, your children and your marriage. Sure, the money you will spend could get you another home, a bigger and a better location, more furniture, clothes,  cars, and more ‘stuff’ for your kids. But in the long run, will any of that actually serve as a bond between you, your mate or your children?

Choose: AWE   Adventure with Engagement!

Next Tuesday, lets discuss “Starting Small.”

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