Faith · Hope

We have been here before

There are so many heroes, like our firefighters, who are taking intentional strides into this pandemic, and at great personal risk.


I would say they are coming “out of the woodwork” to serve, but, truth be told, they’ve always been at the forefront during local and national crisis’s. “We simply cannot stay home with our families, like we are asking everyone to do.” 

“We’ve been here before. This is not our first walk around the block. We accept the challenge and we are, day-after-day, moving out into our nation’s neighborhoods!” 


Post-9/11, firefighters answered the call in our first taste of biological terrorism with the anthrax scares. “White powder” calls became commonplace. Our identified, detected and mitigated hundreds of calls (both real and fictitious) without a single injury or fatality.


“During this pandemic, our job necessarily requires us to enter unknown buildings, residences, and business retail establishments, and come in direct physical contact with the public,” said a Florida Fire Chief. 

Firefighters place a premium on being adequately prepared, equipped and attired for every type of call we respond to. Every single fire response carries the added risk of deadly virus transmission.


“We need to increase the equipment necessary to protect ourselves as much as possible, so our healthy and resilient fire departments continue providing emergency services,” an Alabama firefighter said.

All over the nation firefighters are posting photos where they are holding signs saying: “I came to work for you, please stay home for me.”


Here is their bottom line: “We are the fire service and we put our citizens first, as we’ve sworn that we will do. We will not back down.” 

We at RyanShines are deliberately moving in gratitude toward these fighting men and women by purchasing protective materials, and by giving encouragement.

Why not join with us in our creative responses to our first responders. Ask me how. 


(I am going to take a break from writing my blogpost every week. We’ve been at it for more than 3 years. Tyler has come home from Auburn during this chaos and our family is all together. They are my singular priority. I will return when the smoke clears. We, at RyanShines, will continue to abide with you in indestructible faith, hope and love).

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