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Ryan is 24!

Ryan would be 24 this year. That’s a lot of candles! Notice Ryan playing with his dinosaurs in the tub? If he were here today, I know his forwarding address would be Jurassic Park.

Have you noticed that the most difficult day of the year is the birthday of someone we loved and lost? Ryan’s birthday is always the worst day of the year for me. And the question that always surfaces on Ryan’s birthday is:

How do we celebrate his life in the middle of such darkness?

What do you do on their special day? We have an icecream cake with candles, pass out presents to his brothers from him, and play videos of Ryan’s Shining.    

Happy Birthday, Ry-Ry!



2 thoughts on “Ryan is 24!

  1. I love you, Dawn. And I miss Ryan! We still have some reminders of him – Marley has the blue bunny that he gave her!!


    1. I love you, too. You’ve always been a friend in a class by herself. I’m kind of consumed this month missing Ryan so much but I miss you too. We’ll all be together some day-your babies and my babies.


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