Family travel


Answer:  The gift that keeps on giving.   Question:  What is ‘being able to adapt?’

If you are fluffy, you may not be a good candidate for World Travel. Traveling around the world is not soft.  But it builds character, and by that I mean, shaves the fringe off the fluff and gets down to the bare basics of understanding.  We who lead cushy lives,  will never understand how others in the world live unless we walk in their rice paddy.

If you cannot live without cell service, lipstick,  massages,  pedicures or two-ply toilet paper,  world travel may not be your thing.  But before you decide, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is the life I carved out for myself significant?
  2. What kind of standard have I set for my kids?

You will get through life no matter what you choose.   But you only have one shot at it. Don’t let your days slip by without recording the exceptional moments outside lunch at the club or tennis matches.   The good stories usually come to us in the unexpected and unpredictable.

We found ourselves in Vietnam for Colton’s birthday and did our best to find him a birthday cake.  We explained to the restaurant staff, the ‘birthday cake concept’.  Big smiles from them told us they understood.  They didn’t.

Colton’s birthday dinner was certainly healthier than McDonald’s.

bday candles vietnamAnd then came the cake.

The kitchen staff is still scratching their heads as to why we would light the fruit and veggie plate on fire, blow it out and clap our hands.  Adapting is the courage to face the fact that your way may not necessarily be the best way.

colton bday vietnm

Adapting.  Once you are able to pass this course, you are able to experience real living, value each moment and each day and each birthday cake!



PS.  And when we got to France, we hit the patisseries to re-celebrate Colton all over again!


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