Family travel


Cowboys have a unique language all their own.  It’s a rootin-tootin’ sort of vernacular which still effectively applies today.  I was pretty much born in third gear, but some days I feel like there is a ‘hitch-in-my-get-along’ and I need a good ‘giddyup’ to get where I’m going.

But other days just ‘moseying from campfire to campfire’ is the best way for me to go.  When we traveled we agreed to take as many forms of transportation as were safely possible.  (Safety took on a whole new meaning in China and Vietnam, where maniacal driving is the norm.)

But once our leader Ron gave us the go-ahead, we did the ‘giddyup’ onto the bullet train, rafts on rivers, and assorted animal and human forms of travel assistance.Bicycle India

Camel India

elepant Thailand

Don’t let a hitch-in-yer-get-along mess up your travel plans.  Some of the best times we had weren’t reaching our destinations, but reaching for our destinations. Don’t worry so much about how you get there, just get there!



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