Bigger . . .

For 25 years we lived in Texas.  Our four boys were born there.  We spoke “Tex/Mex,” attended our share of Chili Cookoffs, and were well acquainted with the fact that “Everything is bigger in Texas!”   At least, that’s what they say.  And when it comes to boys, no matter what age, bigger is better.Colton Nutella True, the geographical size of Texas is massive.  You can check it out on, which allows you to place her borders over any other geographic location in the world.  But unless you get up close and personal and compare one thing with another, it is difficult to determine size.

When we traveled to South Africa, we put ourselves and our size of importance where we belonged on the food chain.  It’s called respect.  From that vantage, things look different. I’m not saying “I caught a fish THIS BIG!”   But I am saying you will never understand the full meaning of the word ‘mammoth’ or ‘massive,’ until you compare yourself up close to one of the giant grassland occupants.  And where size is not of value, strength, speed and quality canine teeth are!

We didn’t wander through the jungle or swing from vines.  Oh, I suppose we could have but then we’re back to the food chain thing.  But our fear factor wasn’t reduced because there was a thin car window between approaching wild elephants, rhinos, and water buffalo.  Our senses were stimulated by the reverberating stomps of their feet on the ground. The sounds of their voices, filled the air.  We felt the vibrations of their muscular power as they interacted with other animals.  And just a whiff was all we needed to understand, we were in the jungle!trunk BP 2

When you travel you experience more than a hi-def, two dimensional close up;  Being on a savanna gives you a new perspective on your size, strength and power.

Brings to mind those Bible verses in Psalm 8:4-6 “What is man that Thou art mindful of him? . . . . .for Thou has made him a little lower than the angels and has crowned him with glory and honor.”  

Says nothing about size, speed, strength or teeth.  For that you need to visit South Africa.  Add that trip to your bucket list!  And don’t wait too long!   Travel is a life-changer!


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