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Leaping into Lent

. . . otherwise known as Spring Cleaning.

Those of us who practice Christianity understand Lent to be the 40 days preceding Easter, signifying our response to what Christ gave up for us. We’re only human.  The statement is always used to signify our shortcomings, and in this case we fall dreadfully short of His sacrifice.

But,  we try.  And this year, once again, I will give up something from March 1st to April 13th.  The purpose is twofold:

  1. I am solidly indebted to Christ for His gift of love for us.
  2. I am sure He will honor my attempt to clean up my act.

And this year, the focus of my spring cleaning will be on the “vocal side of Dawn Hirn.”    My kids say I have a potty mouth, demonstrating yet another strange bit of role reversal in the Hirn Family.  Honestly, (and here is were I try to justify this fault), I try to live in truth and honesty, as a helper, encourager, instructor and director, in one of our family team-lead positions.   I believe in taking care of your health, exercising, respecting your body with heathy meal options, attending Mass as regularly as possible, and keeping up with the ‘do-unto-others’-thing.

SA Dawnn and boys.JPG

I mean, how bad could I be?  Animals love me!  (Colton, Dawn, Tyler and Treton in South Africa bragging about Sweet Home Alabama!)

I just have trouble with expression. Call it unbridled passion, but there are circumstances which just seem to demand a more colorful response.  Think of the tea kettle:  As the water boils, some of the steam just has to escape or the whole deal will explode!  My kettle’s steam release valve forms bad words!  At least that’s my theory.

This year I approach Lent with the plan to give up my bad language.  My kids are in on it.  I tried it one year, agreeing to pay $1 to the curse jar for every bad word I used – or got caught using –  during the 40 days of Lent.  Cost me $45.
This year, I am trying to do better.  Much better.  And in the meantime, I’ll have to find satisfaction in using the top row of the typewriter:   !@#$%^^(*&$

Good luck with your Lent Sacrifice. Enjoy the blessings of a good Spring Cleaning!



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