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The Word of the Year for 2013,  was Selfie.

Selfies:  “A photo of yourself usually taken by yourself on a cell phone or some hand held device.”

That was the year the term took off even though the process of self-portraits draws us back 40,000 years to the cave paintings.

So what do you call it when a family posts photos of themselves in adventurous circumstances, in exotic, remote foreign places?  Some may  call it “Cell-fish”.  I call it proof.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

We had no cell phone service during our trip around the world, but we used and abused our cell phone cameras.  I admit, we are “Cell-fish.” But how better to remember where we were and how we were feeling (kid’s faces authentically reflect the feelings of each moment.) But a simple photo sparks memories of smells and tastes that last long after the embarrassment of having to pose for another photo-op.  We didn’t want to merely see the wonders of the world (and I’m here to tell you there are a lot more than seven).  We wanted to be part of the experience.

xian hirns copy.jpg

Since their discovery in 1974, the Terracotta Army of Xian has been featured everywhere — from Nat. Geo to the Smithsonian, and they have toured the world’s finest museums.   But we will always remember how it felt to be in the pits with them.  I am not even certain they allow tourists to do that any longer.

Yes.  We are “Cell-fish.”   But we are grateful for every photo that reminds us of the moments we spent with each other.  The moment in time is remembered digitally,  by our own moment in time. We encourage you once again to get out of your comfort zone, and whether it is at the top of the mountain in Thailand, in the pits of Xian, or in the untravelled areas of your own hometown,  get “Cell-fish!”





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