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Just a peak . . .

October last year, in an effort to draw you and your family into the desire of family travel,  I wrote a blog called Just a Peek.

“For the past three years, I have begged you to take a family trip.  Don’t you hate people that find something wonderful in their life and dog you until you do it?  Unless you are in the ‘planning stages of an adventure,’ I have failed.  So I’m trying a new tactic called “Just a Peek.”

Today, four months later, I’m taking a new swipe at enticing you and your family to travel to some of the great places we visited.  It’s called:  Just a Peak.   Ask a mountain climber why he or she climb the mountain, and they will tell you: “It’s because it’s there!”   It’s wasn’t important that we climb to the top of each mountain we faced when we traveled through the world — although we had our share of fun doing so when possible.  Sometimes we just stood beneath the peak..Burj Kalifa Dubai lrgst.jpg Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, highest structure in the world!

Whether you are standing on the Great Wall of China, overlooking the Mostar in Bosnia,  the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, or standing beneath mighty Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy, you can say “I was there.”

Consider the peaks you have reached in your life.  Now consider how many are out there, ready to be climbed or hiked or just seen up close.  Make a peak plan for you and your family – quite literally a mountaintop experience!

Why should you seek out these mountaintops all over the world?  Because they are there!

Great weekend


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