New beginnings

Aren’t they wonderful?  New beginnings never meant clean slates — though wouldn’t that be nice!  The world is full of so many disappointments and problems, every now and again it’s nice to take a hard look at what you are doing,  give it the old clean sweep and get ready for a nice ‘re-do’.  Thanks to Steve Jobs pioneering efforts, we now have new technology opportunities available every day.

This is my anniversary — one-hundred blogs!  I think it’s time to celebrate by treating myself to a new format.  Hopefully, I’ll  be able to share video and all sorts of quirkiness with you, answer your questions, and it will be easily read on your mobile!   It’s gonna take a couple of minutes to develop, but I think it will be worth it.  Because everything worthwhile takes a trip of sorts.  I guess that is a pretty good tag line for the blog:

Everything worthwhile takes a trip of sorts.

So hang on to your phone, iPad or laptop and I’ll be sharing with you in the next one-hundred blogs in brand new form!

From pony express, to sort wave, to radio and  telephone, to television, to computer, to social media and streaming.    Personally I cannot wait for them to develop ‘smell-o-vision’ or a form of digital transfer of smells and tastes.  Then together we can hit the streets of Shanghai again, visit the food carts and really partake in some AWE.

Stay tuned!



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