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Rules and Regs

Dear Dawn,

 “You asked us to write about our concerns about traveling outside the country with our families:  I keep wondering about the laws we might be unknowingly breaking.  I heard we could be fined in Singapore for chewing gum.  Or spitting.  Thoughts?”                    J.  Gainesville

 Dear J,

The U. S. State Department will set you up beautifully on their site:

Yes!  Don’t chew or spit in Singapore.  The city is pristine!  There are some tricky rules in some of the other countries concerning women, people with disabilities and LGBT individuals, so as I’ve reminded you so many times, plan.   But overall, we easily slipped into the rules. Part of the fun of traveling with your family is that you learn to read the signs even if you can’t read the language.  And yes, there are some dumb laws.

But did you ever check the dumb laws on Alabama’s books?

Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.

You must have windshield wipers on your car.

Masks may not be worn in public.

It’s illegal to impersonate a person of clergy.

And my personal favorite:

You may not carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. (

If you are planning a trip anywhere, even in the US of A, it’s always a good idea to freshen up on the laws, driving, pedestrian rights, etc.  And by all means, if you and your donkey are driving over to Georgia, don’t let him stay the night in your hotel bathtub.  It’s illegal there!  Florida might also be a problem if you have sons.

Florida fart copy.jpeg

Have a safe weekend.  Stay warm!


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