Daily bread

The day after Thanksgiving – known to consumers as ‘black Friday,’ is also recognized by overeaters as ‘judgement day.’  Second helpings?  Third helpings?  Even if nobody saw, you are feeling the effects of indigestion.


It’s difficult for most Americans to get the concept of ‘sufficiency,’ because we are so blessed by abundance.  But the words ‘just enough’ had a great deal of significance to Jesus when He prayed to His dad.   He called it the model prayer, and it included these words: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Seems easy enough – enough for each, enough for all, enough for evermore.  But sometimes we get caught up in the size of the feast and lose sight of the size of our personal production plants.  It becomes all about quantity, variety, and extravagance until we take the gastric repercussions seriously.

It became clear to me when we traveled the world, everyone doesn’t have ‘just enough.’


Even in America.  We are approaching the days of the year when ‘abundance runs wild.’  It always hits me the day after Thanksgiving, when I’m packed to the gills, and inundated with ads of Black Friday sales.   When is ‘enough, enough?’  When the money runs out?  When the table is filled with food?  When we find we have three pairs of black pants and two still have the price tags on them?


During this Holiday season, take a hard look at what you have been given. Life has become so much more precious to me since ‘what mattered most’ was taken away from me.  And having become immersed in helping others through the Ryan Shines Burn Foundation, named for my son who was taken by fire,  I see the results of your generosity. I see changes in lives of those children who have been disfigured by fire.   I see their joy as we offer help from the ravages of a fire, or attend a summer burn camp and get the opportunity to bond with others like them.   Just a bit of your abundance may guarantee their sufficiency.

Check out our foundation:


and you may be providing a moment or day of joy for these burn victims.   Daily bread. . . enough for each, enough for all, enough for evermore.

Thank you in advance!


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