Adventure with Engagement AWE

AAH . . . .

For the past two years I have been promoting the theme of Our Backpack, the TV show we are producing, and proudly calling for  “AWE” – “Adventure With Engagement.” I still do.  But there comes a time in the life of each mom when she realizes there is too much ‘Adventure’ and what she really needs is some AAH: “Adventure Alongside Rest.”

‘Me time’ has always sounded so selfish!  And impossible.  Mom’s rarely are able to unhinge themselves from kids.  We’re problem magnets!   A simple ‘shut up’ or ‘go away’ isn’t very ‘mom like.’   I choose my me-time outside, running or playing tennis, and swimming, or inside capturing the moments reading or writing. I know how to do it.But lately I need something more:  I need some ‘AAH’.  Because amidst the frenzy of family life, sometimes it is “All About Healing”.

Next week I am scheduling some well-deserved Ga. beach time which, coincidentally, is where I grew up, sitting by the ocean staring at more of Gods’ creations.   Regardless of my change of pace, there will still be AWE.  But this time, engagement will be ‘salve for the tired soul’:  appreciating the rhythm and predictability of the waves, the ever-changing light, skies and winds, the texture of sand, it’s feeling on my toes, the discovery of yet another shell,  whose twin sister sits at home in a jar, and soaking in the soil of my youth.

We have five senses.  I plan to use every of them:  To hear the surf and gulls, to see the vastness of the ocean, to smell the salty air, to taste the fresh seafood, touch the sand and the water.  Which, incidentally, will touch me right back because of my engagement.

Always AWE.  But this  next week . . . . AAH!

relax fish.jpeg

Great weekend


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