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The Olympics in Rio are over.  We are left with wonderful memories and some baggage we are having to take home that is, well “less than wonderful.”  But again, there are lessons for our kids in all of it:

The US Swimmers taught them:  “Don’t lie. Because nobody believes a liar even when they are telling the truth.” (And because of that you may lose millions of dollars in advertising sponsorships.)

Simone Biles gave a great lesson in ‘sharing the glory,’ as many of us will remember her pulling Aly Raisman the silver medalist into the spotlight for “all-around best” with her.

And who could forget the cheers that went up for the Refugee Olympic Team from South Sudan, Syria, the Congo and Ethiopia.  Great lesson in courage under fire.

So much of my take-away was from the stands – watching the parents of these athletes who had given their time, enthusiasm, comfort and encouragement, day after long day leading up to these games.  Kohei Uchimura, Japan’s Gymnastic King, held a sliver of hope to beat the Ukranian favorite.  But that’s all it took:  A .099-of-a-point- sliver.  All eyes were on his #1 fan – his mother Shuko, who passed out right there!   Can’t you relate?

Gladly we give our kids our time,  our wisdom and encouragement so they can achieve the goals in their lives.  Medal or no medal, we expect them to finish graciously.  It takes perseverance and blisters to reach a goal.  But never lose the importance of versatility.  I always tell my boys: “You are a multiplicity of talent.  Be more than a ‘one-hit wonder’.”

Olympic weightlifter.jpgLife runs best on versatility.  Learn the technique from Lithuanian Weightlifter Aurimas Didzbalis, who was so happy to qualify with a Bronze Medal, he flipped.  Literally.  Another day, another possibility.


Talk soon.  Dawn

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