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Hopeless Slackers

Britton Peele of GuideLive asks. “Are adults who play ‘ Pokemon Go’ hopeless slackers?”   The Dallas Morning News recently received this comment:  “Games like Pokemon Go are for kids so if you are playing the game you are either a child, or jobless, or a virgin.”  And,  no doubt,  a hopeless slacker.

A month ago, I blogged about Pokemon Go,  pretty much slamming the experience as a Virtual Vacation.  Seemed dangerous to me.  Some players were falling off cliffs, walking into traffic and being snake-bitten. And I was certain people were exchanging the digital drama for real life Adventure.

Pokemon has always been  dear to my heart because of Ryan, my firstborn son’s love for the characters.   As a mother of resilience and determination  — my description of me —  I like to think that I am too strong  to succumb to a video game – especially one that commands so much time and energy.  But this  ‘tough mom’ also wants to be remembered as the ‘fun mom.’  And lately I’ve been noticing my boys are having more fun than I.

I had already downloaded the Pokemon Go app on my phone for Trenton, who is too young to have a phone.   I was curious. I’m the parent and my sons’ well-being is my responsibility!   (Isn’t that what parents say when they are peeking into kids semi-private lives?)

I started to play. Let me re-word that:  I caught the fever!!   And frankly, I have to hold myself back from digging into the app during any moment of down time.  Does this mobile video game get you out of your comfort zone and into a world of fresh air and wonder?  Yep!  Is it a time-sucker?  Absolutely.  But why should this kind of addiction be limited by age?  I still love a good water slide.

It is a parent’s responsibility to investigate the activities that get our kids sidetracked from their work at hand, but it’s also our job to be part of their lives, to experience the AWE of their adventures. I am enjoying this game.   We have some hilarious exchanges talking about it, and frankly, they’re impressed if not totally surprised that “Mom is really into it..”

Does the fact I enjoy Pokemon Go,  make me a hopeless slacker?

Gosh, I hope not.  I’ve got a television show to sell!


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