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Just Say “No”

RIO DE JANEIRO—“The single most difficult and dangerous maneuver in women’s gymnastics—and maybe the most daring of the entire Olympic Games—won’t be attempted by anyone on Team USA.” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 8/7/16 Cohen and Radnofsky

As the Olympic feats become more and more difficult, coaches ask themselves:  “When is enough, enough?”  “The Produnova vault is too dangerous,” say our US Gymnastics’ Team Members and Coaches. Sure it would get you some hefty points if it were done correctly.  But if not, you face death or paralysis.

Daredevils come in every shape and size, and to those who are Daredevil Travelers, we beg you to do your homework.  Find out about the dangers of the country you plan to visit before you book your trip.  When we traveled together as a family, our leader Ron, made sure the places we were going were relatively safe.  We knew we would not be tracking wild boar in Pakistan nor heading deep into the Sudan.  Lebanon and Syria were also on our ‘Just say “NO” list.’ And if you’re thinking of checking out that sweet little country that sits between Turkey and Russia, described as “the Alps meet the Mediterranean,” better find another song and get “Georgia off your mind.”

The world is full of wonders!  Before you travel, check with the US State Department,  for alerts and tips.  Check out the site:

Do your homework to make sure the adventure outweighs the risks.  Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere in the world.  But make sure you are looking logically at the risk, not your own uncertainty of its degree. Life is full of danger.  After we lost our son in a car fire just a few miles from home, we realized, staying close to home is no guarantee of safety.   But planning ahead and common sense go a long way!

We still heartily recommend AWE – Adventure With Engagement.   But before you race toward your next international adventure –  or your next Produnova Vault, check out the risks.  And learn when to Just say “No.”

But to all the other stuff, remember:

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AWE baby!


One thought on “Just Say “No”

  1. Every time I read what you have offered us, I wish I was young again and stowing away. I think about Balance these days as I review my life until now. As you know as well as anyone, I am tilting toward introversion, and feeling every time. I haven’t regretted it so much as I love being known as The Nutty Buddy.

    But you have it, and live it most of the time. You are a good solid visionary thinker, and planner. And you are pretty much at one at home or abroad. This “Just Say Now” piece is practical, heartfelt, and visionary. You see beyond the horizon. You have a good idea which path is adventurous (risky), and safe. Safe.

    You are also a shepherd, or maybe the patrol at a crosswalk. You look out for whatever is approaching the intersection. You are loved by the kids, and they also know you mean business. You are direct, and “tell all the truth, but tell it slant, some can’t take all the truth face-on (Emily Dickinson). You walk that line. You know each human being is designed, and put together, without machines, by God. “You knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139). God knitting us in the the dark, by feel. Sounds like Him.

    You are sniffing out the truth wherever you are. How fortunate for all of us who love you, and have been touched by your magic fingers, safe arms, and pure skill. What you do is art; and craft.

    with love,



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