Smartphone rehab

cellphone tatistics.jpeg

Blame marketing.  Blame peer pressure.  Blame technology.  But any time something is built out to be a ‘be all, end all” there will always be abuse.   Cigarettes became  the social situational stress reducer in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s until the lung and cancer associations got involved.  Warning labels!  Then, the magic of pharmaceuticals.  More warning labels and laws!    And now Smartphones!

But we NEED our cellphones.  How else are we going to stay in contact, keep current, maximize wasted time, entertain, educate, photograph?     Many native American cultures believed that the soul could be endangered by photography.    Which begs the question:  Since smart phones can do so much more could they steal your soul?    “Of course not,”  you intellectuals shout.  Yet overuse can be highly intoxicating!

How do you fare on the above chart: “How did you feel when you misplaced your phone?”  But you can quit anytime.  Right? Check it out:  Next time you’re out in restaurant, take a visual survey:  how may folks are on their phones, texting, emailing and doing other ‘smart things?”

The boys brought their iPods on the trip, for use in their photo journalism class, and for use in picture taking.  But we reserved their electronic use for game playing on long travel days.   At one point, because it appeared to us that they were not communicating any better with each other before than during the trip, we confiscated their technology and we  introduced a new class called “The Hirn Crash-Course in Social Skill Development.”  First couple days were rough!  But before long, the boys began talking more, eye-locking, sharing ideas, observations, riddles, and  ‘most embarrassing moments.”  Creativity turned competitive!  Adventure isn’t complete without engagement.

Teach your children well.

Teach by example.

Now, take the test again.

See what I’m saying?

Talk soon!  Dawn

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