“Krazy Glue” is just a snazzy name for adhesive.  This stuff ‘sticks like crazy.’  At least that’s what they say. But whether you go for the ‘Krazy,’ or the ‘Super’ or “Rhino” or ‘Gorilla Glue’ you must remember one thing for certain; The stuff isn’t going to work unless you have at least two separate components to adhere.

Be careful:  I heard of a lady who was trying to glue together a broken teacup, smudging the extra goo off with her finger.  She touched her finger to her thumb – you know, to test the stickiness.  And she found it very effective.  For the next seven days, the lady walked around, finger to thumb making that age old “okay sign” to everyone who saw her.

Merriam-Webster says ‘glue’ is:  “any of various strong adhesive substances . . . . used for sticking things together.”

 The Hirn family decided to return to the life of travel with Ryan’s three brothers, for a variety of reasons:  Education, experience, meeting the people of the world, lifting up others who had suffered in their own lives, giving our kids perspective about how lucky American children really are, and building confidence.

The by-product of this trip was glue.   It was that invisible bond that pulled us together.  We were each other’s best friends, worst enemies, complaint department, sparring partners, punching bags and teddy bears.

We depended upon each other every day; from a good night’s sleep, to food, to finding transportation, or a friend for a good game of soccer.

That’s the thing that happens when you put two or more people who not only love, but like each other.  Now that the boys are getting older,  I miss those days.  Don’t waste a minute of your time with your family.

Spend time with your family while you have the opportunity.   Carve out some time for your kids, for your husband, for your wife.  Shut down the electronics for a few hours.  Glue just isn’t as effective when you are not paying attention.   Take adventures together.  Talk together, walk, play games, eat dinner, just sit on the dock or on the porch.    No matter what kind of glue you choose to hold you together, grab it. And ‘stick like Krazy!’

 Memorial Day is a perfect opportunity to make memories! 


One thought on “Glue

  1. It’s funny, not ha-ha, that the moment I see the word Rhino and think if Ryan. Especially in light of “glue.” I see him holding things together from a place of power-in-love, and wisdom. I wonder if that is his assignment in the Household of God. Glue. Holding things together in a world doing its dead level best to go to pieces. We just thought he was active and wise beyond his years then. Look at him now. Junior partner in the Firm. Corner office with a view, though he is seldom in the office. His true office is on the front line.


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