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Wouldn’t it be nice if every family had their own Theme Song?  Can’t you just see it now- a family enters the soccer field and the music kicks up, so you know without looking, they’re here!   Worked for Sesame Street, the Addams Family and the Brady Bunch, but of course they entered at different times, so it was never confusing.

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Might be easier to stick with a slogan.   We did.  Adventure With Engagement.  It kind of explains our jump into six-months of family world travel as we tried to embrace the world after the loss of our first son. Perhaps this insanity requires explanation.  We needed to make more wonderful memories and family adventures are always the longest lasting, probably because family members are the ones who are there longest. We made a lifetime of memories and highly recommend AWE!IMG_4619

Adventure – When you run out of things to do, your mind will need a place to go.  A sort of ‘mental root system.’  If you have spent no time in development, how can you ever expect to pull up great memories?


Add Engagement to your Adventure.    Sharing an adventure doesn’t really work unless you have someone to validate the story.  Can I get a witness?   That fish you caught has no real size until someone says “wow, you should have seen it!”  That time you got lost in a country where you couldn’t read the signs or speak the language wouldn’t be told if you weren’t there to provide the ‘rest of the story.’ But people aren’t just interested in the end: they want the whole story, every stupid mistake that led to embarrassment, every discovery that led to surprise, every misstep that took you somewhere you never intended to go.  Most of these stories are the stuff life is made of.

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But the best adventures rarely come scripted.  We all learn as we go.  We bond as we learn.  It all starts with Adventure and gets better with Engagement.  But who knows – you may escalate from your own Slogan to your own Theme Song.  This HIrn would like to hear her family brought in with the Disney Aladdin favorite:   A Whole New World.  But if we have to just go with our slogan,  Adventure With Engagement, I guess I’ll just ‘Let It Go.”


Stir up some family AWE.


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