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Starving for a loving God

Some believe that we are puppets and God is pulling the strings.puppet strings

Some believe that everything that happens is prearranged by God.

I know you’ve heard that before, and you might just believe it.

I did.  

I’d heard it most of my life, and it seriously affected my willingness to trust God.

I didn’t know it, but I was starving for a loving God.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.43.47 PMIn time, a loving God found me.

After being drenched in love, I could no longer believe that God arranged our accident, or any accident.

Just so you know, let me tell you where I’m coming from.

I’m coming from the frontage road on a Texas freeway when our car flipped several times, caught fire, and my 7-year-old son burned to death.

That’s where I’m coming from.

And if you think Ryan’s death was a lesson to me from God, no offense, but you’re not thinking straight.

God’s heart was the first to break. God’s tears were first to flow.


“God is Love.”

Now does that sound like a God who would plan an accident that kills a little boy?

I no longer believe that God arranged our accident or any accident.                 


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