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hearts full of Hope

I’m glad you’ve agreed to partner with me on our Adventure. But, first, I need to warn you about something.

Do you remember the poster of the robo-cat hanging onto the rope with a knot on the end? It’s the one with the caption, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on?”img_3342

I have lived by this manta as long as I can remember.

Everything about it sounded true.

It was the only way I knew to be safe&secure.

But, like cotton candy, you take a big bite, get the explosion of sugar, then when you bite down to savor it, it’s already gone.

But we’re here talking about something that lasts: moving forward from “I” to “we.’’ It’s a fairly scary move in that it’s all about trust. The opposite of fear is ‘’trust.’’

I have a friend who’s dad took him into the backyard with one of those kitchen ladders, and he told his young  son, “Step up to the second step, turn your back to me, and just fall into my arms.”trust boys

So the boy did.

And his dad stepped aside so that the boy crashed to the ground. His dad leaned over him and said, “The sooner you realize you can’t trust anyone, the better.”

No wonder this guy has been tying a knot in the rope and hanging on for more than 60 years. But I think, for the first time, he’s slowly beginning to trust again.

I understand how this feels. Especially when it comes to relating to women. It’s my instinct to tie a knot in the rope and hang on all by myself, never entertaining the possibility to trust. But lately I’m hearing a quiet voice, maybe God’s own Voice, that says, “Go for it, Dawn. Take a chance. Then, take another chance.”


Believe it or not, I want to trust women’s intentions again.

I hear myself, sometimes, sounding so cynical and I’m not positive I can change.

There are no guarantees, but maybe it’s enough that we travel together with hearts full of Hope.


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5 thoughts on “hearts full of Hope

  1. Dawn you are such an inspiration! As humans there’s always something we want to change, like hair, weight, body type, finances, other people. As Christians we want the changes but that sometimes is more painful. If we could change ourselves we wouldn’t need a Savior. Therefore, our full trust has to be in Him and He will allow what changes need to be changed. I love you and am truly enjoying this journey with you. ❤️ Sonia


    1. There’s so much wisdom in what you say, Sonia. And I agree that the Lord knows the changes that need to be made in us; and if that’s not enough, he collaborates with us in the changing. I find it to be like Parliamentary procedure; God makes a motion in my life and I second it. If I don’t it, dies for a lack of a ‘second.’ But here’s what’s wonderful to me, all I have to do is look to my left and there you are on the journey with me. Thank you, partner.


  2. Though far away, I have been with you a long time and will continue to be. From before i met you in the Discover School parking lot and asked you if you wanted to get a drink sometime and talk, I knew you were amazing and different! Our boys were 4?! Love you dearly. Lise


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