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Portable Eeeee-hah’s!

What’s an eeeee-hah to you? 

  1. The sound a cowboy makes when he gets his giddy-up on.
  2. Civil War forward attack cry.
  3. The sound of pure victory of celebration.

We choose #3.  As we traveled around the world, we never let a celebration slip by! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years (celebrated Chinese-style in January), Easter and birthdays.  Colton ended his Vietnamese birthday celebration in tears when the big reveal presented a birthday cake made up of strange fruits and veggies.  (The people at that Vietnamese restaurant wanted so badly to impress him.  But how do you impress an eight-year old with Lotus Root and Kumquats?)   We promised him the goodness of guacamole if he would be patient and wait for a French Eeeee-hah.


Tyler was a little easier.  Like all teenagers, he was sleeping late his birthday morning, so the boys and I headed to the Montenegro version of The Dollar Store on the quest for a Rubix Cube.  Instead, we found all sorts of great junk to get a laugh out of Tyler.   Eeeee-hah!

happy bday Tyler

Celebrations should be portable.  Candles, cake and costly gifts are not required to produce a hearty eeee-hah.

This weekend we celebrated Ron’s birthday by accepting an invitation to a party and a challenge to dress from the clothes we found at the Childrens’ Harbor Thrift Store.  This party was a khaki and Polo-free zone!  Ron and I fully filled the funky requirement with our stylish combinations, giving a new meaning to the word: ‘tacky.’

Thank you to our friends who always look for new and creative ways to celebrate life.  We’ll never forget it.  Fact is we won’t be able to ever forget it.  This photo is in the cloud!!  Forever!

No matter what limitations you have – location, finances, or bakery-access, always celebrate the special moments of life creatively.  Don’t wait for the perfect time.

Eeeee-hah’s should be a part of everyday life!

One thought on “Portable Eeeee-hah’s!

  1. Well, well. Tomorrow is Denie’s birthday and now after reading the blog I will have to plan something that will get an “eeeee-hah” from her. Wish me luck!

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