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Hole in the bucket!

Fear has never been a part of my life, until it cornered me in that burning car in 2001.  I lost my treasure that day.   Fear showed up as I took my plan of protection to new levels with my other three sons.  (I chose more politically correct words to describe fear, when I billed myself as a cautious, conscientious mother.) Bottom line was some of the courage I had found in my youth had been squashed.  And when that happens, it’s a fight to gain it back.

Before Ron, before kids, I was a world traveler.   I lived in all over Europe and got to know and love different countries and their people.  Ron and I traveled extensively when we were first married. So it was natural for us to want to take our kids back to the places we had seen so we could share the adventure  with them.  And more selfishly, we wanted to gain fresh kid-sized perspectives.   We took a mighty step out by taking this world trip with young sons,  and while we were cautious, we refused to let fear stand in our way.  God has given us (and you!) an incredible world filled with wonderful people, and He has seen fit to allow us to be born in a free country where we can travel abroad as we choose.

Camper we rented Germany
2014 25′ German Rental



In another bold move, we rented a camper in Germany, packed ourselves in and headed out!  Germany had found itself more than once checked off our Bucket List. But we will never let those checkmarks stop us from going back again and again.  Going back again – that’s what makes the country and the experience yours.   Fresh perspectives!


Thank God for gung-ho kids!

In the Hirn family, we encourage our boys to make sure their buckets have holes in them, so they can keep adding and adding.  Your bucket should never be full and neither should your list.

So if you have something on your bucket list, do it!  Go!  Then go back again.  And again.  Punch a hole in your bucket and keep adding!


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