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We greet from St. Pete

Greetings from St. Petersburg, Russia   “Zdravstvuj”

DR Russia2.jpegTry wrapping your tongue around that one. Just say “zdrah-stvooy.”    Oh yeah, that’s much better.  LOL.

Our Russian sounded a little like we were clearing our throats.  But the Russian people were most gracious helping us with our pronunciation – or lack thereof – and they assured us they spoke good English.  (Salt in the wound!)

Yesterday in my Facebook post, I told you about St. Petersburg’s  shorter older buildings built around 1914. Because the builders, common people who dug by hand and carried  around dirt in the front of their shirts, were dying by thousands from disease and floods, they call this city:  “The city built on bones.”

The boys adapted nicely to our trivia facts.  Travel is far and above the best way to be educated!  But Colton, Trenton and Tyler reacted much more positively to the torture museums we found in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Nothing like a good old fashioned horror story to get their motors going.

Torture Museum Gum?.jpegHere Colton, always the clown, thought the torturer reminded him of one of his teachers.  So he reluctantly offered to relinquish his gum.

Church of the Spilled blood Russia.jpgThe guys were equally intrigued by the Church of the Spilled Blood.  Colton and Trenton also spent time looking for ‘evidence,’ but noticed no ‘drippage’ from the buildings.   At some point in their lives they will attach their memory of St. Petersburg, to the famous people born here: writer, Dostoevski, to the composer, Tchaikovsky, to ballet dancers, Pavlova and Baryshnikov.  But for now, they are carried away by the treasures of blood and gore.  Let ’em learn at their own speed!


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