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Home of the brave

I love America and am so thankful we have the freedoms our forefathers gave us – One Nation Under God — though we are having a bit of trouble with the  ‘indivisible part’  lately.    America is still a democracy!!

The Hirn home is not a Democracy.   If we operated on the democratic principle our boys would be on their screens, skip school most days and exist on Cheetos and soda.


Ron and I are the leaders of the Hirn Family — a united front – and though we want our sons to have a great youth, it is not our goal to see them constantly happy.   This fact, of course, troubles them often because “when they get to be parents they are going to let their kids make up their own minds.”    I simply am repeating what they tell me.

IMG_3792 copy.JPG

The Hirn family operates on Monarchy principles and on occasion we are forced into Dictatorship.  But we operate out of love, which often separates good from evil.  When we first announced the concept of a 180-day family World adventure, you could see the confusion on their faces.    Each kid was mentally pushing off from a different dock!


Joyce Meyer once said: “The best way to get along with people is to not expect them to be like you.”  That goes for family members too.


A family trip is always a great challenge.  Foreign soil adds obstacles to the mix.      It’s important to acknowledge each member of your troop. Though they are your children, not one of them sees life the same as you do.   Take time with them, encourage their feedback, help them face their concerns and give them value by listening to what they have to offer.  Listen long!    Being in the leadership position of any organization is difficult.  But I think being lead in a family is even harder because it requires more love than skills!

family venice

Practice the leadership secrets of Nelson Mandela and “Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front.”


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