Adventure with Engagement AWE


“Whether it’s the duckface smirk or the coyly suggestive close-up, selfies are a mainstay of Twitter and Instagram and have parents and psychologists wringing their hands over what they ‘mean’.”

I’ll bet psychologists are having an easier time diagnosing “narcissistic tendencies” these days, by simply plugging into a patient’s social media.

I’m not saying everyone who posts a selfie is a narcissist; we all have done it.  But I am saying if you post a photo of your best look every day of life, my power of prediction says you are likely to get the Social Media ‘unfriend’ boot.

We’ve all got to realize, the Selfie we take today is quite probably our last best Selfie.  By tomorrow at this time (24-hours later) scientists tell us we will have lost one-million skin cells.   Sounds dreadful!

We all love seeing photos of each other. But up-close and personal gets stale after awhile.   I enjoy a good steak from time to time; but every day is too much!  We need to see ourselves beyond our sweet smiles, smirks,  puckered lips, and muscles, to include a bit of what is around us.

Our family calls it AWE – Adventure With Engagement.  Without the ‘Engagement’ part, it’s just AW . . . . . . and repetitive performance tends to become pitiful.

Capture yourself in the cloud by adding other people to your selfie, showing your geographical location, your activities, or other forms of your dimension expression.  Perhaps we could start a revolution to rename Selfies into something more inclusive:  like Groupies!  Oh, never mind.  Tyler tells me that one is already taken.

buzz.jpgHave a good weekend!


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